Our bylaws are used across each chapter to maintain uniformity.
However, internal chapters rules may vary since each chapter is allowed to run as an individual
entity while still being a part of a unified club.

To see rules set by individual chapters, visit their chapter pages.

Artical I – Name

  • Section I – Official Club Name

    • Angels of Anarchy

    • Also known as AAMC

  • Section II – Chapter Names

    • National
    • Paleto Bay

    • Sandy Shores

    • Vinewood Hills

    • La Mesa
    • NOMAD (inactive players only)
    • AAMC Prospect
    • Vespucci Beach (inactive)

    • The Damned (inactive)

    • AAMC Support (Inactive)

    • Grand Senora (Inactive)
  • Section III – Official Club Patch

  • Section IV – Active Chapter Patches

  • Section V – Patch Rules

    • Your patch must be on your back at all times when in a public lobby.

    • Your patch must be on your back at all MC events, even if it’s being sponsored by a club other than the AAMC.

    • You may NOT cover your patch with anything except in missions where you have no control over clothing.

    • You shall never deface, edit, or misuse any AAMC approved patch variation. 

    • The ONLY time, you are REQUIRED to take off your patch is during chapter sponsored fist fights. 

    • Violation of any patch rules is grounds for immediate removal from the AAMC.

Artical II – General Rules

  • Section I – Requirements

    • You may NOT be a member of any other MC of any type.

    • The AAMC chapter you are in MUST be your active crew at all times.
      (With the exception of the AAMC TDM crew during a TDM match.)

    • Must be on FREE AIM at all times.  Free Aim Assisted is NOT allowed.

    • We ride American bikes (Western, LCC).

    • A microphone is required.

    • Our minimum age is 16 (younger is possible).

    • All patch members and prospects are required to attend their chapter meetings.  (Life rules apply, see Artical III)

  • Section II – Clothing

    • 1 – Patched Members

      • Patched members may wear any solid color vest or jacket that the patch can be put on the back of.

      • The only exception is the Ox Blood colored vest or jackets.  These are reserved for the TDM crew members only.
    • 2 – Prospects

      • Male prospects may ONLY wear the brown leather (vest or jacket, open or closed)

      • Female prospects may ONLY wear the brown leather (vest or jacket, open or closed)

  • Section III – Behavior

    • 1 – In Fighting

      • In fighting will NOT be tolorated at all.

      • Disagreements between members MUST be settled quickly

      • If the disagreement persist, an officer or higher ranked officer will
        tell you to stop.

      • If it comes to a point of intervention, you and the other party will be pulled into a private lobby/party chat and the problem will be settled or one of the parties will leave the club.

    • 2 – Respect

      • You will show respect to all members

      • You will not discriminate other members because of age, sex, religion, sexual orientation, nationality, or any other reason

      • If there is another member you do not get along with, you will still show them proper respect.  If he or she is an officer, you will follow their orders without question.

      • If you can not respect your brothers and sisters in this crew, you don’t need to wear our patch.

      • Officers in other chapters will receive the same respect as your own chapter officers.

  • Section IV – Battles

    • Never let another member or prospect ride alone in a public lobby.
    • Never use passive mode as a battle tactic.
    • When fighting other MC’s, general 1% rules apply:
    • AR’s, pistols, pump shotguns, melee weapons only.
    • Homemade bombs, molotov cocktails, and marksman rifles are allowed in special circumstances.
    • Open weapon wheels are allowed against civilian, military, or armored vehicles.
    • No bullet proof helmets unless they are being worn against you.
    • No heavy armor (inventory armor from Ammunation is ok)
    • No modded invisible outfits
  • Section V – Public Lobbies:

    • Never let a member or prospect ride alone
    • If a member or prospect goes to a shop of any kind, someone must go with them to provide protection.
    • Always wear your patch in public lobbies, church, or club sanctioned events.
    • Always ride or drive in formation.
      • Riding formation is to always be left to right.  Never ride to the left or in front
        of a ranking member. 
      • Check with AAMC National for current multi-chapter ride formations.
    • Always park in formation.
      • Parking formation is to always park to the right of the person ranked higher than yourself, even when it’s only two of you.
      • Parking is Officers > Patched > Riding Club > Prospects
    • Riding and parking formation is to be followed in both public and private lobbies.

Artical III – Life

  • Section I – Life rules
    • We understand this is a game.  Life must come first.  Most of us are adults with adult responsibilities or in school with school responsibilities.
    • If you can not make a club meeting or required club event because of something going on outside of the game, then just let someone know you can’t make it.  We don’t expect a reason, just a quick note stating that you can not make it because of life.
    • Playing another game is NOT a life excused absense.  If we are in a required meeting or event and see you playing another game, you will be reprimanded.  Repeated offenses could mean losing your patch.