Prospect Crew (AAPR)

Our prospecting period last two weeks, followed by two weeks of probation
as a patch member where a member can be removed without a vote.
To become a prospect, you must be voted into the prospect crew by the chapter you wish
to prospect for.

Below, you will find a set of rules specifically for the prospects.
These rules are in addition to the general bylaws for the club and any extra rules the
chapter you will be prospecting for may have.

Artical I – Prospect Rules

  • Section I – Requirements

    • Must be at least 16 years of age (Younger if the person proves to be mature)
    • Must have a microphone
    • Must obtain an American bike before becoming a prospect
    • Must have been a part of the support crew for at least 2 weeks
    • Must attend your chapter’s meeting every week. (See bylaws about life rules)
    • Once you patch in, you will still be on probation with no voting rights for another 4 weeks.
      Meaning you can still be removed from the club without a vote during that period.
  • Section II – Expectations

    • Prospects will learn who the officers are
    • Prospects are NOT allowed in any building a patch member is in.
    • Prospects must act as security outside of a building that has a patch member in it, even when in private lobbies.
    • Prospects will be questioned each week on the contents of this website
    • Prospects must NEVER ride in front of a patch member of any club, to include friendly clubs.
    • Prospects must always follow orders, no matter what.
    • Prospects will NOT speak at chapter meetings unless spoken to.
    • Prospects will NOT touch a patch member’s bike or car unless specifically told to by the owner.
  • Section III – Clothing

    • ALL prospects MUST wear any brown leather vest or jacket, open or closed.
    • Prospects MUST have their patch on the back of their jackets or cuts at all times.