We have two methods of being patched over.

Individual patch overs and club patch over:

  • Individual

For individuals to be allowed to patch over, he must already be a friend to the
club to even be considered.  Anyone that is unknown to anyone or even
only to a couple of members must go through our entire
process of joining.  We
won’t take the word of someone that the majority of us don’t know.


  • Club

If an entire club wants to patch over, they will patch over as a chapter in order
to keep their people together.  Club patch overs will not be instant.  This is
something that will first go to our National Chapter to discuss and vote on.
Once the final vote is cast and the club is voted in, we will then
start the process
getting them patched over.

This process will involve the new chapter to find and secure a club house,
come up with a bottom rocker name, and come up with a day and time for
their chapter meetings.  This must all be done before being given their patch.

One of the current trusted people in the club will be put as leader of their
new social club page.  This does NOT make that person the president of the
patched over chapter.  It is only done as a protective measure.  To protect
only our club, but to protect our patch.  There is no disrespect intended
by doing this.

For a club patch over to be considered for their own chapter, they must be bringing
five or more people with them unless National decides to allow the formation of a
chapter with less people.  Otherwise, the members will be put into one of the

existing chapters as patch members.


All patch overs will have up to a four week probationary period.  During this
period, any of the patch overs can be removed without a vote.  If a member
of a patched over club becomes a problem, we will not remove the entire
chapter, only the member.  If the chapter decides to follow that member, it’s
their decision, not ours.  We will not fault an entire patched over chapter for
one person’s actions.