Angels of Anarchy
Founded on May 27th, 2015

The Angels of Anarchy was founded by members of two different clubs.  The first being Anarchist Elite and the other being the founding members of an Angels of Death chapter (not affiliated with any other Angels of Death club).  The members of ADMC were not happy with their current club and the 4 members of ANRK was looking for a change in their look.  Combining the two names brought us Angels of Anarchy.

The members, Nude_Nuge, StussyLarry, Chip_-SS, oO_MommaJ_Oo, GothGirl97, and RHaynes89 were the founding members.  MikeLeo6868 is considered a founding member since he came on board within 2 days of the club going live.  Within 24 hours, we not only had the club formed, but our first patch and our club house.  We also found a spot to use for doing hammer parties on newly patched in members.  Also within that 24 hours, we had our basic set of ByLaws drawn up and voted on.  The most important one being that life comes before the game and we would never punish a member that missed church or was inactive because of life outside the game.

Throughout the life of the AAMC, we lost a couple of our founding members.  One simply becuse she has no access to the game anymore and two because of the type of people that had become over time, being removed from the club and became officially KOS’d.

We started out in auto aim on the PS3.  We grew quite fast as a former club of Nuge and Larry folded and the members came to us as well as members we picked up along the way.  By the new year, most of us had moved over to PS4, still on auto aim.  We had no problems dominating any lobby we were in.  Our growth also grew into a couple of different chapters.  The first being Vespucci Beach, made up of European players.  However, inactivity with many of it’s members forced this chapter to close quickly.  We did try to revive it one time only to have it fail again for the same reason.  The second being NOMAD, made up of the members that belonged to the club that folded on PS3.  However, as time went on, some members of NOMAD had very busy lives outside of the game that prevented them from being very active.

A new shot of energy came in the form of a friend of Nuge’s.  He set aside his club to come over and run our NOMAD chapter and help build it back up, starting with the help of a few of the original chapter members.  However, this new president didn’t last long as he is a construction worker and the construction season was getting started which forced him to step down.  Chip_-SS stepped out from his VP position in the Blaine County original chapter to take over the top spot in NOMAD.  Being a believer in the actual meaning of NOMAD (found on our NOMAD chapter page), Chip decided a name change was in order.  However, to do this meant also changing the name of the Blaine County chapter to Paleto Bay so that the chapter didn’t overlap any other territories.  NOMAD then became Sandy Shores since it’s club house was the bar in the same area.

Both Paleto Bay and Sandy Shores continued to grow prompting us to form yet another chapter.  Vinewood Hills.  This chapter pulled members from both Paleto Bay and Sandy Shores to make up it’s original set of members.  During this time, we experimented with going free aim.  Sandy Shores was the first to make the permenant move to free aim.  The others followed quickly.  We also soon discovered a whole new world of MC’s.  We rarely seen other original clubs in auto aim, generally it was nothing but HA or SOA clubs that we easily dominated.  However, in free aim, we would find 2 or 3 original clubs in nearly every lobby.  Most we became fast friends with.  We also soon discovered we were considered a 99%’er club because we used everything in our weapon wheel.  In auto aim, there was no such thing as a 1% code.  We quickly adapted to the 1% code and we were still dominating lobbies.  Not because of any skill, but because of our numbers.  It was easy to overwhelm other clubs.  We had some members try to push back, using their weapon wheel and using free aim assisted.  We did our best to stop this within our ranks, but as you will find out, this didn’t work well.

As time went on, the club as a whole went sort of stale as no new prospects were coming in that were worth keeping.  First, we suspended Sandy Shores and moved the remaining members back to Paleto Bay to boost the numbers of the original chapter.  After a while, because of inactive members, we decided to put Vinewood on hold as well and pull those members back in.  Officers from each chapter retained their position and was given the respect of their position even though we were all back under one roof.  The founding members that were left recreated the Blaine County chapter and moved to it, handing Paleto Bay over to the hiarchy that was once Vinewood Hills.

The Blaine County founders would oversee the ByLaws and could over rule decisions that they agreed would not further the club.  One founder, Nude_Nuge made a sudden move to Xbox One without much notice.  Leaving only two of us to maintain the integrity of the club.  Nuge did not leave the club and was still an active member.  Although he was not active on PS4 with the rest of us, he is still involved in major decisions. 

The newly appointed President and VP of Paleto tried to move the day and time for church without a vote and the founders quickly shot that move down for the same reason.  They then attempted to take the AAMC back to auto aim and again the founders shot that down since it would take the club back to being considered a trash club.  The AAMC, in its short time on free aim, became a respected club in the free aim MC community and there was no way the founders would let that get ruined.  This prompted the top two members of Paleto Bay to take as many members as they could and move to a club they had already created a couple of weeks prior.  We quickly figured out this was something that was in the works for a while.  They painted a pretty picture to the members they took and tried to take.  Although they managed to convince over half of the club to follow them, AAMC did not fold.  We adapted.  The group that left assumed they were taking the respect of the AAMC along with them only to find out that would not be the case.  The AAMC actually gained more respect from the community for not letting this coup kill our club. 

We were down by over half of our members and hurt by some that left we cared about very much.  So we licked our wounds, regained our composure and moved on.  We contacted enemies we had gained over racist remarks made by the newly formed club’s president to let them know he was no longer a part of the AAMC, which not only squashed beefs, but sent those once rival clubs to search out the newly formed club.  The AAMC had a lot of drama within its ranks and with some other clubs that seemed to completely disapear once they left us.  As we figured out our next steps, we discovered that we were once again having fun as a club.  Drama free. 

We took a break from bringing in new members while we regrouped.  During this time we also joined up with a community of clubs called the Original Motorcycle Club Community or OMCC.  This group of clubs has a mission to fight copy cat clubs (clubs using real life club names and/or patches) as well as any original club that would rather fight than be friendly.  This group helped us to regain our composure and showed us that we didn’t lose an ounce of respect in the community after the others left.

Since then, we have started to grow again.  First we refired the Sandy Shores chapter with one of our members from PS4 moving to XBox One taking the helm.  His chapter on XBox One has quickly grown into a respected club over there.  Our Sandy Shores chapter is now a thriving club in it’s own right and we couldn’t be more proud of it.  The Sandy Shores president has amazed us with his ability to run that chapter.  Our only regret with him is that we didn’t move him up to his own chapter sooner.  A couple of our members that left during the coup have also come back stating that what they got wasn’t what was promised.  We are overjoyed with their return and welcomed them home with open arms.

We allowed the returning members to form their own chapter, reviving Vinewood Hills.  We are working to help them grow.  We have also had another club patch over, forming our Grand Senora chapter made up of their members.  This new chapter is a welcome addition to the AAMC family and we sincerely hope they stay with us for a very very long time.   The AAMC is regaining its strength slowly and its respect continues to grow as well.  We are already back to former numbers and expect to keep getting bigger.  With new members and returning members coming into the fold, as well as new prospects that will one day become patched members, the life of the AAMC will continue on. 

Update – 11/4/2016

The patch over club didn’t work out.  However, we did seperate in a friendly way.  Chip even provided their new club with a fresh new patch so they could look their best in the game.  Hopefully, we can still call ourselves allies.

We took the Grand Senora chapter and moved it to the Xbox One where we hope it will thrive as a second chapter over there.

Update – 6/10/17

It’s been over 6 months since our last update and much has changed.  Some good, some not.  However, we are still alive and strong.

On Xbox One, the fast growth may have been too fast.  Sandy Shores is down to just a couple of loyal members and on a bit of a hiatus as the president is working hard in real life to support his first child that he is expecting.

On PS4, NUGE CAME BACK!!!  We have grown back to 3 chapters, plus our National chapter.  Vinewood was turned into our military member chapter.  It only has 2 members, but is reserved for full time military members only and now flies the HONOR banner above the skull.  The other former AAMC members that returned after figuring out that they HVMC was not living up to the hype they were promised (it has actually closed down) returned to the Paleto Bay chapter.  All of them now holding officer positions.  It just shows that when you treat your people like family, even if they stray for a minute, they will come back.

AAMC has always been the kind of people, collectively, that is willing to give some a second chance.  After most of our disgruntled members returned, we also had an unlikely ex-member come back with his hat in his hand.  This member left in a way most would find unforgivable.  However, after jumping around a few clubs and a short hiatus from GTA, we have forgiven him and allowed him to return to the club.  While most would KOS someone that attacked from within, this member made amends before asking to return, so the decision to let him back was easy.  I will admit we were cautious about it, but not hesitant.  He has shown in his time away that he has grown in maturity and we couldn’t be happier that he is back.

I’m not trying to blow our own horn, but the last two examples shows what kind of people make up the AAMC leadership.  We care about our people.  They aren’t just gaming buddies, they are family.

About the OMCC, which has become nearly non-existent with only the AAMC being involved now.  That being said, during our time in the OMCC, we have gained a major ally with an unlikely group of guys.  

Back on the PS3, before the formation of the AAMC, the Anarchist Elite would fight along side of the Rockford Hills Hells Angels against two clubs.  Rebellion of Hell and Diamond Bax.  After the AAMC was born, this fight continued.  The Diamond Bax slowed to nearly a halt and a couple of the members patched over to us.  Redmule18 was the first to make the move followed by two more that didn’t stay with us.  Diamond Bax put a KOS on us because of Red sticking with us.  This also prompted us to return the favor of putting a KOS on the DBMC.  This fight lasted nearly 2 years between the Anarchist Elite helping HAMC and bleeding over to the AAMC.  

This ended when both clubs called a truce after we rejoined the OMCC.  I say rejoined because the AAMC was a founding member club of the OMCC and left.  The DBMC rebranded themselves as the Forbidden Few MC about the same time we returned to the OMCC and they quickly became major allies with each other.  

We actually became very good friends.  We both had chapters called Riding Clubs that were allowed to fight the growing number of 99%’er MC’s using their entire weapon wheel.  So we combined our RC’s to form the Forbidden Angles Riding Club.  Although they have very small numbers, they are a force to be feared.  Our RC chapter does follow the 1% rules until the MC we are fighting opens up their weapon wheel.  Then the gloves come off.

This allows the the AAMC and FFMC to remain 1% while the FARC fights off the mercs and 99er’s.

The FFMC, unfortunately had some internal troubles that nearly forced them to close down.  However, rather than see them in the wind, we offered their president a chapter within the ranks of AAMC.  He accepted our offer to form our second ever chapter outside of the Blaine County borders.  La Mesa.

La Mesa quickly regrouped and has started building up their numbers once again.  We couldn’t be more proud to have them under the AAMC patch.

The Angels of Anarchy is now officially 2 years old and still going strong.  At this point, I firmly believe that even after GTA V is no longer a thing, we will be.  I’m not sure what the game will be in the future, but we will still be together as a crew.  As a family.

Thank you for reading.  This section will continue to be added to as big events happen.