Legal Disclaimer


The name “Angels of Anarchy” shall, in this disclaimer, be known also as “crew” or “AAMC”.

William “Chip” Wickings, Jennifer Wickings, and Mark Nugent shall, in this disclaimer, be known also as “founders”.

  • The images shown above and below are watermarked and placed on a black background for protection.

  • The images shown above is shown in it’s original size.

  • The image shown above may also be known as a “patch” or “emblem”.

  • The image shown above is the original work of William “Chip” Wickings.

  • The image shown above falls under federal common law trademark regulations.

  • The image shown above may not be used, altered for use, or added to for use by any person(s)
    other than the crew or with permission from one of the crew founders.

  • Crew members may use this image for crew purposes only.

  • If a member is removed or leaves the crew, they must immediately remove the patch from their
    online character.

  • If a member wants to add the above image to offline products (i.e. clothing, stickers, cups, etc.), they
    understand that the founders still own the image, including any alterations or additions and must obtain
    permission from one of the founders to use the patch.

  • Before offline use will be allowed, the person(s) requesting permission must submit for approval any
    alterations or additions.

  • Current approved variations:
    Click an image to see the full sized 512×512 px version.

    Old versions:

    New versions:

Angels of Anarchy
  • The name “Angels of Anarchy” may be also known as “name” or “crew name”.

  • The name “Angels of Anarchy” falls under federal common law trademark regulations.

  • All of the same usage rules used for the image above apply to the crew name.


The reason for this disclaimer is for the protection of our name and patch.  We do not expect that anyone would or is even considering the misuse of the patch or name.  Crew members are allowed full use of both the patch and crew name without restrictions.  However, this blanket permission is revoked upon leaving or being removed from the crew.  This blanket permission does not allow un-approved changes to any patch variation.

Only a chapter president can request to make any changes to the patch.  Any un-approved changes will be considered in violation of federal trademark regulations.

Current crews include Blaine County (founders), Paleto Bay, and Sandy Shores.  All of which are approved chapters under the Angels of Anarchy crew.

The prospect crew (AAMC-PR) members that have not been approved for membership in one of the above mentioned chapters are not allowed to use the crew emblem or crew name in any form until such a time that they are accepted into one of the crew chapters.

The raw image, shown at the top, is in the full original size (512×512).  This image must be used by all current and future chapters.  This image may only be added to, not altered, by any current or future chapter.  The only approved additions are the bottom rocker with the chapter name or location and if approved by the founders, a small banner above the skull.  No other additions or alterations will be allowed.  The founders of the crew retain the ownership rights even if the image has been added to or altered.

Raw Photoshop file(s) will be available by request for proof of creation only to those of authority or by the founders choosing.